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Night Fighter Level 1

From zeroing your weapons, learning how to engage targets with IR lasers, passive shooting under NODs, to move and shoot tactics at night, our instructors will teach you tactics and techniques that will prepare you to operate at night, and set a strong foundation for you to advance to our more advanced night vision courses.


Please arrive to class 30 minutes early with all weapons cleared and unloaded.

Course Length:

4 Hours


Course Fee:



Gear Required for Course:

Rifle/Pistol (Rental Available)

3 Magazines Rifle/Pistol (included with Rifle/Pistol Rental)

Belt (Gun Belt highly recommended)(Rental Available)

Magazine pouches for Rifle/Pistol (Rental Available)

Plate Carrier (Recommended)(Rental Available)

Holster for pistol (No Serpa, OWB/Mid ride/Drop leg recommended)(Rental Available)

Sling for rifle (2 Point recommended)(Rental Available)

Ear Protection (Electronic highly recommended)

Eye Protection


200 Rounds of Rifle Ammunition (No AP/Green Tip)

100 Rounds of Pistol Ammunition

Helmet/Skull Crusher

NVG Device (must be head mounted, no digital devices allowed i.e. Sionyx Aurora)

IR Laser (Recommended)


If you are having trouble sourcing ammo for this class, please contact us and we will do our best to source some for you!


To get more information or enroll in this class, please email


Once enrolled in this course, we will email you further instructions regarding what to do the day of class.

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