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If you don't know the legend of WEEBSOC, sit down and buckle up. Legend has it, there was once an operator named (Redacted) who one day after cuddling with his waifu pillow, heard the doorbell ring. As he opened the front door, he saw a package at his feet, and a fedex truck pulling away. He knew what it was immediately. Snatching up the package, and running back to his room, he squealed with delight. Upon opening the package, he knew his time had come. The arrival of his new ballistic helmet. He hugged his waifu pillow one last time before kitting up, throwing on the new helmet, and snapping a selfie. Unfortunately, that selfie was accidentally sent to a group chat of his fellow teammates, who eternalized the selfie by turning it into a cartoon and putting it on a shirt. Some say he's still out there operating, some say he's at home with his waifu pillow. The world will never know.


Tl;Dr: Our friend sent us a weeb selfie and we turned it into this shirt.


Model pictured is wearing an XL.


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