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Founding Member


Ray is a strong proponent of The Right to Keep and Bear Arms and that includes any and all legal equipment that gives the law abiding an upper hand.


Ray has been in the firearms industry for nearly a decade. He spends much of his time as an instructor, in retail and as an armorer. He holds a Glock armorers certification and is skilled in rifle building and tuning. 


Ray is one of the founding members of Redmane USA, LLC and Redmane Tactical USA. Ray enjoys training new gun owners with the goal of bringing new people into the fold. He strives to make weapons handling safe, comfortable and fun for those who are new to firearms ownership, those who wish to hone their skills or simply want to enjoy shooting as a hobby. 


Ray and his team of instructors under Redmane Tactical USA, sought to create a training company that can meet the needs of all types of shooters. From first time gun owners to those who are seeking advanced courses. Normally you will find Ray working behind the scenes, helping the gears behind the company turn, however he is an experienced shooter who seeks to share those skills.

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